What PWA Can Do Today

A showcase of what is possible with Progressive Web Apps today.

How to use this app

This app is itself a Progressive Web App which means it can be installed to the homescreen of your mobile device or to your desktop.

It seems however that JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

To use this app you will need to enable JavaScript.

Installing on iOS

To install the app from Safari on iOS, tap the share button:

Then swipe up to find and tap "Add to home screen":

Enabling sensors

When motion sensors are not available on your device, you can follow these steps to enable them.


This only applies to iOS 12. You may need to remove and add the app to the home screen again for the changes to take effect.

Open settings and scroll down to find Safari:

Scroll down to find "Motion & Orientation Access" and toggle the switch on:


Open this site in Chrome browser for Android and open the main menu by tapping the icon in the top-right corner:

In the menu that opens, tap Settings:

In the Settings, tap Site settings:

In the Site settings menu, tap Motion sensors:

You can now enable Motion sensors: