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This feature is not (yet) supported on your device

The Vibration API enables web apps to make a mobile device vibrate.


Tap, hold and lift your finger on the surface below to create a vibration pattern. Use the Play button to play the vibration pattern on your device.

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const maker = document.querySelector('#pattern-maker'); const visualizer = document.querySelector('#pattern-visualizer'); const recordButton = document.querySelector('#record'); const playButton = document.querySelector('#play'); const stopButton = document.querySelector('#stop'); const ripple = document.querySelector('#ripple'); visualizer.innerHTML = ''; let pattern = []; const patternLength = 3000; let startTime = 0; let currentTime = 0; let patternTime = 0; const frames = []; const visualizerWidth = visualizer.offsetWidth; const moveRipple = (e) => { const touches = [...e.changedTouches]; if(touches.length) { const {pageX, pageY} = touches[0]; = \`$\{pageY\}px\
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