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Protocol Handling

This feature is not (yet) supported on your device

Protocol handling enables web apps to register their ability to open links with particular URL schemes, also known as protocols.

This means that a web app can for example register itself as an app that will open links like web+foo://bar. In this case, the app will register the protocol web+foo as the protocol it can handle.

If a user chooses the web app as the default app to open links with this protocol, the web app will be opened when a link with this protocol is clicked.


Install this app and then click the "Open link page" link below. This will open a page in your default browser that contains a list of links with the web+pwatoday protocol. Close the installed app and then click one of the links. Each link will open a demo page in the installed app.

Web apps can register as protocol handlers by adding the protocol handler to the manifest.json file or through navigator.registerProtocolHandler().

Open link page

// manifest.json "protocol_handlers": [ { "protocol": "web+pwatoday", "url": "/protocol-handler-page?type=%s" } ] // javascript navigator.registerProtocolHandler( 'web+pwatoday', '' );


Protocol handler registration on Chrome developers.

Browser support

The File Handling API is supported on Chrome 96+ and Edge 96+.

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