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Contact picker

This feature is not (yet) supported on your device

In Safari this feature can be enabled in Settings > Safari > Experimental Features or on iOS 17 in Settings > Safari > Advanced > Feature Flags

The Contact Picker API allows apps to select the user's contacts after permission has been granted.


Selected contacts

if('contacts' in navigator && 'ContactsManager' in window) { const props = await navigator.contacts.getProperties(); const list = document.querySelector('#contacts'); const button = document.querySelector('#select-contacts'); list.innerHTML = ''; const showContacts = contacts => { const html = contacts.reduce((html, contact) => { const names =', '); const emails =', '); const telephone =', '); return \`$\{html\} <p> <span> <i class="material-icons">person</i> <strong>$\{names\}</strong><br> </span> <span> <i class="material-icons">mail_outline</i> $\{emails\}<br> </span> <span> <i class="material-icons">phone</i> $\{telephone\}</p> </span> \
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