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Background Sync API

This feature is not (yet) supported on your device

The Background Sync API enables an app to defer tasks when it's offline so they can be run when the network connection is restored.

For example, a messaging app can store all messages that are sent while the app is offline and then send them when the app is back online. The API handles checking the status of the user's internet connection and decides if the task can be run immediately or if it should be delayed until the network connection is restored.

On a supporting device, click the button below to send a notification. When the app is online it will be sent immediately. Then go offline (for example, by enabling flight mode) and click the button again.

The message won't be sent while offline but when you go back online, it will be sent.

When multiple notifications are sent while offline, all notifications will be sent on Android hen the app is back online but a single notification may be sent on desktop. This is because the browser will not show multiple notifications at the same time to prevent spam.

This is accomplished by saving each notification to IndexedDB. When the app is online the notification is sent immediately and removed from the database, but when offline the notifications are all saved and then sent when the app is back online.

This "outbox" functionality can also be used to save API calls for example that are made when the app is offline. When the app is back online, the API calls can then be sent.

// inside the service worker an event handler is registered for the 'sync' event // that sends the notification self.addEventListener('sync', e => { e.waitUntil( self.registration.showNotification(title, options) .catch(err => console.log(err)) ) }); // in the browser: const syncButton = document.querySelector('#sync-button'); const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration(); if('sync' in registration) { // the button doesn't actually send the notification, it only // requests a synchronization that triggers a sync event inside // the service worker when the network connection is available. // This means that if the network connection is available // when the button is clicked, the sync event handler inside // the service worker will be called immediately and the notification // will be sent. But when the button is clicked when there is no network // the task will be deferred until the network connection is restored. // At that point, the sync event will be fired and the notification will // be sent. syncButton.addEventListener('click', async () => { await registration.sync.register('sync-demo'); }); }

Notification error

Your device does not have permission to show notifications. Please enable this in your device's settings.


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